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We are proud to announce that Cortas Canning & Refrigerating Company is certified ISO 22000:2005 Certification ( Food Safety management System) for the scope Production of Tahina and Halva in plastic containers.
Flower Based Products/ROSE DRINK
Code Product Name
1012 Rose Water Drink2
Product Info
Ingredients: Water, sugar, natural rose water, citric acid, rose flavor, FD&C Red No.40
Pack: 24 Bottles per Carton
Net: 296 ml (10Fl oz)
Nutritional Info: Gross Weight: 11.500 kg
Shipping Information
Gross Weight: Volume: 0.016 m3
Volume: Packs per pallet:
Packs per pallet:

Instant Mixes: Falafel
Coffee Cardamom
Juices: Cocktail Nectar
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