Rose Water

Mawared or Rose Water is very used in Mediterranean deserts such as Baklava, Knafeh and Maamoul. This scented water is also added in small quantities to regular drinking water and coffee, givig everyday drinks the aroma of the Mediterranean.

Summer Drink
:Add two tablespoons of Cortas Rose Water and one teaspoon of sugar to a glass of cold water. Stir and add ice cubes.
Sugar Syrup
 : place two cups of sugar, 1 cup of water, two teaspoons of Cortas Rose Water and two teaspoons of Cortas Orange Blossom Water in a medium pan. Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves. Add a dash of Cortas Lemon Juice Substitute or natural lemon. Simmer for about five minutes. 


  • Item Code: 0405
  • Description: 300ml - 10 Fl oz - Glass Bottle
  • Case Gross Weight (g): 12686
  • Case Net Weight (g): 7200
  • Case Per Pallet: 80
  • More Options: 300ml -10 Fl oz - Glass Bottle
    500ml -17 Fl oz - Glass Bottle
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