Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


QualityIn the days when large scale fruit preserving was still being done over an open fire, when quality consistency was hit or miss, when “good” jam only came from England, in fact before quality control was a standardized institution, Cortas had to prove itself by being better than the best in quality in order to compete.

Today, Cortas Quality Control begins at the purchasing stage - Cortas buys only the finest raw produce – and continues until the point produce leaves the plant as products ready for consumption. Training programs are in place for the ongoing education of personnel.

Constant chemical and microbiological testing - in accordance with international standards of analysis, the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program, and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) - is performed in an on-site laboratory in order to:

  • Maintain quality grade, thereby enhancing product value in the market place
  • Assure compliance with national and international food regulations
  • Minimize the possibility of spoilage and resultant hazards to consumers and economic loss

At Cortas, Quality Control extends to building design and equipment. Our fully automated factory is located in the area of Beirut Port on a 6000-square-meter plot. All processing, such as the mechanical decortication of sesame seeds and distillation of rose petals and orange blossoms, is performed without the use of chemicals.

Finally, Cortas’ Quality Control Department is responsible for the recording and reporting of documentation, via regular procedures and written systems, which facilitate the prompt and accurate transfer of information to appropriate personnel.

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